Kakahu/Lawson Angus are top equal for the number of cows meeting the Milstone Dam requirements.

“The Milestone Dam Programme”, aims at increasing production in the Beef industry through the identification of superior maternal cows in the Angus breed which have the desired attributes to increase maternal production.

It is expected that through the identification of these “Milestone Dams” that breeders will use it as a tool to select sons of these cows where applicable to lift their herd’s maternal production.

The new measurement has been created called the ”Milestone Dams”. To be one of the cows in this category she has to:

Have at least 4 calves on consecutive calvings
Have calving ease Direct EBV in Top 50% for the breed
Have Calving ease maternal EBV in the top 50% for the breed
Have weaning weight EBV in the top 50% for the breed
Have Days to calving EV in the top 75% for the breed
Have at least 4 progeny with weaning or yearling weights recorded.