We at KAKAHU ANGUS have partnered with AngusPure, the official beef brand of Angus New Zealand. We’re securing the future of high premiums for our clients, putting more money in your back pocket.

We encourage you to buy and use only registered or PRAC recorded Angus bulls, which allows you to sell your cattle as the highly sought after ‘AngusPure’ beef. Using registered or PRAC recorded Angus bulls allows you to tag your progeny with AngusPure Source & Trace tags. These black ‘A’ tags ensure a full line of traceability and are a recognised endorsement of quality beef, as the tag guarantees access to the higher premiums at approved processors. Cattle with AngusPure Source & Trace tags are becoming highly sought after throughout the supply chain.

In November of 2016, AngusPure announced its new export brand, AngusPure Special Reserve. AngusPure has signed a deal with Broadleaf Game in the USA, to provide AngusPure Special Reserve product for all 12 months of the year and we think this is the most exciting news since the conception of AngusPure 13 years ago. It will see higher premiums than ever for those cattle that qualify.

To qualify for the AngusPure Special Reserve program, your cattle must have a marbling score of 1 or better. Marbling has two critical components; genetics and feeding. Feeding on a rising plane of nutrition is vital but without the genetics these attributes will not be able to express themselves. Your cattle must also be tagged with AngusPure Source & Trace tags to enter into the AngusPure Special Reserve program.

KAKAHU ANGUS are committed to endorsing the AngusPure brand, and we support their programs and initiatives. Help us to secure the future of our brand.