Thank you to all that came on the our Bull Walk yesterday. We were excited to hear how Bruce Mcdougals’ cows are climbing higher, his in-calf rate has increased, and a buyer of his steers told him that of the three sources of steers, McDougals’ were off the place before all the others. His Kakahu bred calves get a premium at the sales.

At Cora Lyn, Kakahu bulls are the only ones to have survived that hard country

The Wears at 4 Rivers said that if progress in the future is as good as it has been so far, then they are really looking forward to the gains to be had in years to come.

The Murray boys told Gerald they thought the Kakahu website was amazing with all the information on it. We would love to hear from others with comments too.

Great to see Wakka up and about.

It was a great day all around, thank you.